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Zaandam Cruise Review by jkmarbles: 18 Day Inca Discovery tour was wonderful! Date: November 3, 2015

We did on own tour in Trujillo, Peru of the Moon Temple, Museum, city center, ChanChan, and the reed boats. It was absolutely excellent & much cheaper than HAL ship tours. Air conditioned bus, fluent english speaking guide & we were returned to the ship with time left to shop at the pier. We found out about it on our CC roll call, TRUJILLODELPERU.COM TOURS.
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“La Huaca de la Luna and Chan Chan with Trujillo del Peru” Reviewed April 24, 2014

We took a private tour of La Huaca de la Luna, the city of Trujillo, Chan Chan and Huanchaco with "Trujillo del Peru" during our visit to Trujillo in March 2014.  Ever - our guide was extremely knowledgeable and the company is very well organized.

Ever was able to cover the history of the Incas and the pre Incan civilizations and show us how the excavations at La Luna and Chan Chan are exposing evidence of this history. Trujillo de Peru also produce a very interesting booklet covering this history which they provide to people on their toors. Highly recommended.
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“Well worth the visit!” Reviewed 18 April 2014

It's not Machu Picchu but well worth the visit. We went with a tour led by Alfredo Rios of Trujillo Del Peru Tours. He was a great guy, well informed and very personable. We had a small group of 16 on a larger bus and it was the perfect size. Started with the museum as a background then visited the pyramids and Chan Chan. A brief stop to see the "reed boats" was the only disappointment. The beach was very busy with locals but they were having a great time. Tour was excellent and would highly recommend them! Nothing boring about it!!
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“Well worth visiting” Reviewed 21 March 2014

We visited this site together with Chan Chan, Trujillo, and Huanchaco all in one day. Enjoyed all. We would not have been able to see all if we booked through the cruise ship so we booked with Peru Routes and Alfredo was our guide. Very well organized, informative and Alfredo spoke perfect english. All were worth seeing. Had lunch at Huanchaco.
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“Best way to see Chan Chan+Sun Temple in Trujillo” Reviewed 2 February 2014

We were thrilled with our (4 person) private tour of Trujillo and surrounding sights with Mr. Ever Paredes Betancourt, co-owner, was our tour guide and he was excellent. He spoke very good english and had over 20 years experience. He knew the history of the temples and the best way to see them as well as a great city tour. 

We were 2 couples from Oceania Regatta. He provided a private van with AC and a separate driver. We were gone for 5-6 hours, right on schedule & saw everything we wanted and more. No planned stops at the "souvenirs shops". He did what we wanted and what we came to see. You need a tour guide to see Chan Chan and Valley of the Sun and Moon (Huacus). Both highly recommended. and well done...We accomplished more in 6 hours than any of the ships tours by far and at less than half the price.

My wife had contacted them online before we left after reading reviews like this and made a reservation. If you are going to that area and want to really see it take a look at this web site or email Ever at He exceeded our expectations in every way. DG-Charleston SC
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“The Huacas with Trujillo del Peru operator” Reviewed 19 January 2014

We organised a 5 day/4 night gold service (private) Trujillo/Chiclayo tour with Trujillo Del Peru tour operators.  We visited the Huacas, Chan Chan, El Brujo, Tucume pyramids, Lord of Sipan, lady of Cao, etc.

Firstly, the tour operators were fantastic . We cannot speak highly enough of the service that Alfredo and his team gave us. All guides were extremely knowledgeable and spoke perfect english.

Secondly, the areas that we visited were amazing.  Most people think that Peru is all about the Incas, however the Mochica and then Chimu cultures which pre-date the Incas, with their adobe pyramids and temples, their pottery and their customs need to be explored first to fully appreciate what came after. The Huaca de la Luna is an impressive sight. This site has been excavated to a fuller extent showing the murals at the different levels. In our opinion, this area of Peru is a must visit.
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“UNESCO World Heritage Site” Reviewed 7 October 2013

I stay just one day in Trujillo but it was amazing. Just a day tour to the Archaeological site of Huaca del Sol (Temple of the sun) and afternoon the Huaca Arco,Chan Chan, Huanchaco betch. Places full of history that with a best guide from a local agency was wonderful. 

8° 6'36.07"S 79° 1'45.46"W 25 $ / peson - That includes the transportation, tour guide, and tickets to the sites Program  A.M. Huacas del Sol y la Luna, Museo Huacas de Moche. P.M. Huaca Arco Iris, Museo de Sitio, Chan Chan , Huanchaco.
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Re: Chan Chan, Peru Sep 09, 2013, 2:38 PM

Never use an internet agency that no one has ever heard of. All they are going to do is book you with a local guide anyways.

Does your cruise not have a package set up?

You can also hire a taxi at the port when you embark, there are guides available at the two ruins. You might try a local agency such as to get a quote and compare with what the ship offers. They offer packages from the port. Maybe you can find another couple to share their private tour.
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“Great site; great tour company” Reviewed 11 November 2012

Just returned from a full day tour to the Temple of the Moon, Temple of the Sun, and Chan Chan. It's actually hard to believe that these sites aren't better known, since we found all of them among the most extraordinary architectural ruins we have had the privilege of visiting.

We arrived on the ship this morning. Having been "less than diligent" we didn't start looking for a tour company until yesterday evening. Thankfully, we found TrujilloDelPeru. Four of us spent about five and half hours with a superb provided at a price about half of what the ship would have charged us. They arrived on time, the guide was knowledgeable and friendly, and unlike many even "private" Tours, he didn't have a fixed agenda but seemed to respond to all of our interests and requests. None of that "don't you want to go to the shopping mall so I can get commission" approach we seen so frequently.

We were really hoping that they would be a TOURS section so we could post this. However, even if using another company, Chan Chan and the temples are not to be missed!
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“Do not miss this magnificent archaelogical sight” Reviewed 2011

Our ship docked at Salavery Peru which is the port for Trujillo. I had booked a full day tour with Peru Routes. Our guide for the day was Alfredo Rios Mercedes.He took us to see Huaca del Sol, Huanchao Beach (with the reed boats) & Chan Chan.The whole day was absolutely superb! Chan Chan is something to behold as is Huaca Del Sol.Both sights are still being excavated but Alfredo was a fountain of knowledge.We could have spent a lot more days visiting this area of Peru as the tourists have not fully discovered it as yet! If you are going there make sure you book Alfredo!!!
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